I have always enjoyed the out-of-doors, especially the plant world. My career as an instrumental music teacher did not keep me from gardening and exploring natural areas with my children and my camera

After many years of photographing nature in color with 35mm cameras, I moved into the world of black and white large format photography with 4x5 and 5x7 cameras. Tom Potter, photographer and naturalist, expanded my vision of photography by introducing me to the history of photography and the great masters who inspire and define photography as fine art. In addition, Tom taught me the technical skills of black and white film photography and the artistry of darkroom printing. Additional studies with master printer/photographer, Howard Bond of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and John Sexton of Carmel Valley, CA were important in my progress.

My photographs have been exhibited in several Indianapolis galleries including the University of Indianapolis Christel DeHahn Fine Art Gallery, Holliday Park Nature Center, Eagle Creek Park, and the Stutz Artists Association Gallery. Other Indiana exhibits were in Muncie and Zionsville, Indiana, and Pictura Gallery in Bloomington.

Concord, Massachusetts exhibits: the Emerson Umbrella and the Tsongas Gallery at Walden Pond;

Minneapolis, MN: Silverwood Nature and Arts Park Gallery, St. Anthony;

Paul Paletti Gallery and the Louisville Visual Arts Association Juried Exhibit, both in Louisville, Kentucky.

In January 2008 my botanical photography was featured on the cover and as the lead article in View Camera Magazine, an international journal of large format photography.


"I am interested in each contemporary plant in my vicinity….

They are cohabitants with me of this part of the planet, and they bear familiar names.  

Yet how essentially wild they are!"

Henry D. Thoreau - "Journal", June 5, 1857